Letter: Micromanagement doesn't begin to describe it

In response to "Are you a micromanager?": Your article talks to, "no empowerment," and lack of trust. Although the article correctly addresses the true problem of employee/management relations, I think micromanagement widely misses the mark, as it implies a manager who is constantly overseeing what you are doing.

There are ghastly managers in government that are Dickensian in their foul behavior.  They revel in creating a hostile and threatening workplace for their subordinates.  They make it clear by their actions that the slightest complaint escaping Boss control will result in pain.

How, then, does an abused employee approach EEO?  He will be squashed under the boss's iron-shod hooves.

I hope that neither contributor [to the article] ever happens to work for a boss who will not take phone calls, not allow visits or read emails. I have trouble asking for help from others fighting my battles in the best of times. One of my bosses made it horrifically clear that if I had asked any outside agent for help with my problems, I would be crushed. That reinforced my natural inclination to the point of failure. 

Bitter? Yes. Escapee? Finally. Profound access to curse words, phrases, sentences and diatribes?  They spilled off my tongue like water over Niagara.
Many readers out there are grimacing and bearing it because, for them, there is no option.  Literally. Should they try to get hired away, it is viewed as insubordination. How dare you try to leave such a Wonderful and Charitable Boss when I have made everything Nirvana?  I imagine the phrase, "ungrateful employee," being repeated during the hiring agency's Boss contact. 

Government has a stake in keeping bosses where they are.  "I screwed up and promoted X," is something you will seldom hear admitted, as it would reflect poorly upon senior management. 

If you want to get an accurate picture of how a boss is doing, put a voice stress analyser on the phone and talk to the employee about his/her boss. Government needs to stop with these foolish Command Climate Questionnaires, which do not appear to pinpoint heinous bosses and get them fired!


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