Letter: Employees should produce something to justify wages

Regarding "Are you a micromanager?"

Creativity vs. output; I always state I am a visual manager. I evaluate one's potential and value to the organization by something I can see. If a process improves, I see happier customers. I monitor activities by reports. When I don't see the items, it is time to be more directive with the team and this is when it becomes difficult for them and changes the work environment. We are employees and should be producing something for our wages.


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Reader comments

Thu, Oct 30, 2008 Jay Logan

Good managers should be looking at the final product to make their decisions, not a bunch of odd notes that may or may not reflect reality. The micromanager spends more time lecturing his subordinates, asking for reports or breifings and less time directly involved in the project to accomplish the work needing to be done. The good manager is a true part of the team unlike the micromanager who distances himself from his employees by making himself Judge, Jury and Executioner and traeting his employees as just tools to get himself ahead.

Thu, Oct 30, 2008 Sandra Spinks

I just finished reading this article and you have missed a key element. Why micromanagers do what they do. Because they are afraid. In my case I'm micromanaged because my boss is new and is on a learning curve. I was passed over for this position. I know that the GS-15 on the SES trail in your article said to approach upper level management with their thoughts and manage them. I did that. I went to the head of our region and did that. He told me after passing me over that it was because he didn't like my style. I wasn't part of the happy, happy, joy club making him look good or feel good. He then stole my ideas and is using them to 'fix the problems.' So I'm sure Mr. GS 15 is a white male, tall and fairly good looking. I've worked for the federal government for 26 years and have run a national program. I came back after raising my children to a much different environment than the one I left. I was an innovator, problem solver and was able to use my skills. Now my boss sits with her lined sheet waiting for my ideas to usurp and gives me proficient on my performance ratings while she gets superiors for my ideas and work. It doesn't get any better than this. So my new way is to sit and do my work and shrug my shoulders. I've never thought I'd be one of those employees but now I understand why.The rest of my life is where I spend my creative time, energy and talents.

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