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The White House’s Web site for tracking the anticipated $787 billion outflow of economic stimulus law spending is getting more connected: It has begun adding links to federal agency and state Web sites that are monitoring their own share of spending under the law.

As of today, is providing links to 10 state Web sites and 19 federal agency Web sites. More states and agencies are expected to participate soon. “probably be going through many more changes in the weeks ahead as data starts to come in on how states and agencies are actually spending the stimulus funds,” Michael Smallberg, Web outreach editor for the Project on Government Oversight, wrote on the group’s blog Feb 26.

The state-sponsored recovery sites offer a variety of information. Virginia’s and Illinois’ sites welcome visitors with a form for submitting ideas for funding. Maine and Kansas have numerous links for additional stimulus spending information.

With the exception of Agriculture and Energy, most other federal departments have set up recovery Web sites offering bits of information on the stimulus spending. For example, the Homeland Security Departement's site gives a brief overview, stating that “the Recovery Act specifically includes money for projects and programs administered by the Department, about half of which is likely to be allotted to information technology-related programs.”

In addition, has begun providing updates on governors providing certifications for obtaining the stimulus funds. Starting Feb. 17, the governors have 45 days to certify that they will spend the money appropriately on projects for jobs and economic growth. Three states, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin, have posted their certifications on as of today.

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Tue, Mar 3, 2009 Greg Kouns Palm Beach County, Fl.

To the previopus reader commentor. Some of us NEVER got OFF the engine. Some of us have always participated. And some assume that since they are NOW participating that we all should. How presumptious. And how clueless. gk

Mon, Mar 2, 2009

It appears it is all about give me, give me. Or yet - take it, take it. Tax payers and their children will pay for it. There is not much incentive to motivate people to work, find jobs and try to get ahead in this bill. Why do it? Big Daddy will take care of me. How can things change when those at the top running the show don't change? There is no sacrifice on their parts - on take from the rest of us. Check how much Obama and Biden gave to charity last year and prior years. Where is their hearts yet they want to take that donation away from the taxpayer. Why? Because it isn't going to hurt them!!

Mon, Mar 2, 2009

Unfortunately this is to show where the trillion dollar give away is going (starting at 1 trillion before interest, that is). Our annual deficit is now graeter than the entire debt was not that many years ago. Just the interest on the debt will grossly exceed all other expenditures. Those who work, save, and are responsible are punished while irresponsibility and sloth are rewarded. Our country will be lucky to survive this foray into socialism and at any rate will pay dearly for it.

Mon, Mar 2, 2009

Isn't it great to have a government that now provides its citizens feedback. It is great to be part of a Republic that cares. Now it's time for all citizens to get back on board this great engine called America.

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