Top 10 most prolific agencies on YouTube

In pursuit of this country's video-watching citizenry, the government is using YouTube to get the word out. Take a look at our list of those agencies pushing their message to the ever-shrinking screen. Find more government 2.0 lists in this year's Federal List issue.

1. Defense Department
Videos: 2,059
DODvClips boasts more than 2,000 videos about military news, in-theater stories and profiles of military men and women. It also offers individual channels for people such as the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman.

2. The White House
Videos: 416
The Web-intensive White House is also a big user of YouTube, with an extensive array of videos ranging from presentations by Obama to executive agency news and information about what’s happening inside the White House.

Videos: 314
The agency’s channel includes detailed briefings about ongoing shuttle missions, events across NASA, and a cornucopia of gorgeous images from the Hubble telescope and other space instruments.

4. State Department
Videos: 308
Many of the department's videos are of press briefings, but they also include discussions about State career possibilities and single-issue documentaries.

5. Library of Congress
Videos: 199
The best site for those who like their viewing eclectic, with a fascinating range of videos from the Library’s deep archive to more contemporary events.

6. Federal Emergency Management Agency
Videos: 190
FEMA's channel highlights how the agency operates in emergencies across the country, including continuing cleanup efforts in the Gulf Coast and educational spots about how to prepare for hazards.

7. Health and Human Services
Videos: 188
Weekly updates about health reform efforts, seminar presentations and public service spots on topics dealing with the flu, including rap songs and advice from Elmo.

8. Food and Drug Administration
Videos: 144
This is the place for those who get excited about skin sanitizers and fungal infections, with timely updates about product recalls and label warnings.

9. Department of Agriculture
Videos: 77
A range of relatively short educational videos describe how the agency works across the United States and internationally, along with more extensive documentaries and spots highlighting officials’ presentations.

10. Veterans Affairs Department
Videos: 62
A series of mostly educational and public service announcements targets both longtime military veterans and those returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Did we miss any? Let us know who else you watch (or what videos you are directing!) by submitting a comment below.


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