What a laugh! The results of the FCW cartoon caption contest.

FCW cartoonist John Klossner announces the winner of the hotly-contested gag-off

For those of you who have been lying awake at night waiting for the results of the FCW Challenge cartoon caption contest, you can rest easy. Here is everything you wanted to know about the hotly contested gag-off — and a few things you didn't want to know. Thank you all for your contributions.

Fun Facts: We received 48 entries. The most popular entry theme: A play on "bull" or "doggie" (6 entries).

Other popular motifs:
Bathroom humor (4)
References to horse's rear end (2)
Trojan horse jokes (2)
"Stall" puns (3)
References to herding cats (2)

The best near miss: "Be careful not to step in my green outgoing e-mail box." (from John in South Dakota) I think this would be a good joke with a little editing. I suggest "Be careful not to step in my outbox."

My favorite irrelevant entry: "Are you using a new conditioner, Roy?" (anonymous)

Best addition to my vocabulary: Folksonomy.* Used in two entries. I wanted it to be a winner but thought it wasn't direct enough and too many people would say "Huh?"

* From Wikipedia via UrbanDictionary.com: Folksonomy, a neologism combining "folk" and "taxonomy," refers to collaborative efforts to organize information on the Internet. More colloquially, it refers to a group of people cooperating spontaneously to organize information into categories.

My favorite pun: "Oh, this? I heard they asked us to get Gov 2.0 ready for evaluation by a gallop poll." (Arnold in Tennessee)

Best musical caption: “Home, home on the Web / Where Facebook and tweets are read / But seldom is heard / An encouraging word / About Gov 2.0 use by feds” (Kate in Pennsylvania)

The longest entry: "I think there is a very good case to be made that we don't need Gov 2.0 but instead need honest, open government of the type envisioned by our founders. So maybe we should be talking not about Gov. 2.0 but better government through the limited and prudent of Web 2.0 technology and strategies. The two are very different, and the former will lead us nowhere but down the road of slavish adoption of every new consumer-targeted techno-gadget that comes down the pike. We should remember in this matter that the best government we have ever seen was done and bequeathed to us over two centuries ago by people with virtually no technology at all." (A soapbox is in the mail to Barry in Virginia.)

Best deferential reference to government: "Gov 2.0 or not, the Pony Express is STILL faster than federal procurement!" (Brandon in Washington, D.C.)

Personal favorites that didn’t mention Gov 2.0:

"Could you hand me my mouse?" (from Paul in Lincoln, Neb.)
“Did you guys know Trigger has his own blog?" (Anonymous)

And the top 3 captions:

3. "The boss told me to reboot." (Randy in Alabama)

2. "I want to help you set up Gov 2.0 tools on your PC, and my partner wants to help you with your Apple." (RHE in Suffolk, Va.)

1. "I'm stalled at 1.0." (Anonymous)

About the Authors

John Klossner is a cartoonist and blogger for Federal Computer Week.


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