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5 reasons why some feds would rather not telework
SUMMARY: As popular as telework has become, some say it doesn't work for them.
OUTLOOK: Many feds who want to telework are not allowed to, but as the practice gains momentum, the few who would rather not might have to.

Military wrestles with cyber war battle planning
SUMMARY: IT infrastructure is critical to the nation's security, but the Defense Department's efforts to protect it have been lacking.
OUTLOOK: DOD has figured out that cyberwar is crucial, offensively as well as defensively. The new Cyber Command is a step toward developing the weapons and tactics for fighting in cyberspace.

WikiLeaks upends digital security assumptions
SUMMARY: A Web site's release of thousands of pages of classified documents highlighted the role of digital technology in keeping secrets.
OUTLOOK: The fallout from the disclosure by WikiLeaks will take time to unravel. Part of the response is likely to address how easy digital technology makes it to distribute documents — even secret ones. 

Cyber talent hunt: The search starts at home
SUMMARY: The government urgently needs to hire highly skilled people to plug computer security holes.
OUTLOOK: There are several challenges to hiring the right people, starting with effectively defining the job.

10 gov Web apps that get results
SUMMARY: We profile 10 applications that smartly and reliably deliver the goods.
OUTLOOK: Recognizing and using good Web resources will encourage agencies to develop more.

The 7 people who can restart the Internet
SUMMARY: ICANN has given seven people the key to restarting the Internet should a cataclysm disrupt it.
OUTLOOK: Let's hope they never have to use it.

Defense Department creates online hub for social media
SUMMARY: DOD site provides links to service-affiliated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media sites, and to policy documents, training manuals and other information.
OUTLOOK: Social media has gone from nearly unacceptable to common at DOD in just a couple of years.

Should being a fed be a round-the-clock job?
SUMMARY: Do you represent your agency in social media postings even when off duty?
OUTLOOK: This is one of the many difficult policy questions that social media poses for the government managers and employees.


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