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Debt commission aims at feds' pay, benefits
Summary: As part of an effort to reduce the national debt, a federal commission has recommended a freeze on federal pay and benefit increases and a 10 percent reduction in the number of federal employees.
Outlook: With Republicans in charge of the House, calls for spending cuts are going to increase. Your paycheck could be at risk.

4 ingredients of a telework success
Summary: Federal organizations with successful telework programs share some of their secrets.
Outlook: With winter on its way, smart agencies are preparing for office closures by beefing up their telework plans.

Federal pay raise challenged, but union head defends it
Summary: The president of the National Treasury Employees Union lashes out at what she believes is an unfair portrayal of overpaid feds.
Outlook: Remember those Republicans we mentioned? Some of them are planning to oppose your pay raise on the grounds that you're overpaid as it is.

GSA employee's error exposes entire staff to potential identity theft
Summary: A General Services Administration employee apparently sent a file that contained personally identifiable information, including Social Security numbers, for all GSA employees to someone outside the agency.
Outlook: Although it does not appear that the information has been misused, the agency is offering a year of free identity theft insurance. Another near miss. Here's hoping luck holds.

Federal vs. private pay: The latest take on who makes more
Summary: An analysis shows that the gap between federal and private-sector pay is widening.
Outlook: The growth in the gap is more than the planned raise, if you get one, so look for the chasm to get even wider.

3 case studies in social media experimentation
Summary: We profile agencies that took chances with social media and show how their experiments turned out.
Outlook: The future of Gov 2.0 belongs to those who are willing to take risks and learn from them.

Does Google's lawsuit mean that cloud computing has hit the big time?
Summary: After getting no help via the protest process, Google has sued to be allowed to compete for a contract written to exclude everyone but Microsoft.
Outlook: If cloud computing is considered common enough that agencies have favorites to play, it's a sign that the concept has gone mainstream.

Army CIO Sorenson retires quietly
Summary: Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson retired as Army CIO, leaving questions about who will fill his shoes.
Outlook: Those are big shoes, but there are some big-footed contenders.

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