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1. Why you can quit worrying about cloud security

Summary: Experts provide tips to ensure that cloud computing efforts are secure.

Outlook: Cloud computing has slowly grown in acceptance, but questions about security will persist for a long time.

2. From fed to private sector: How to make the move

Summary: As policy-makers put the squeeze on the federal workforce, some employees might choose to move to the private sector.

Outlook: The noose is only beginning to tighten, so expect more defections.

3. Federal furloughs: Would you check e-mail? Would you have a choice?

Summary: The FCW Insider wondered how many feds would still work if Congress passes a proposal to force them to take unpaid leave.

Outlook: Don't laugh — it’s a serious question. Although many of the readers who responded said they would not work if forced to take unpaid leave, we still think some people would try to at least keep up with e-mail to avoid facing a backlog of work on their return.

4. Budget proposes cuts to some service contracts

Summary: The White House’s fiscal 2012 budget request includes a 10 percent cut for professional and technical service contracts.

Outlook: This is just the tip of the cost-cutting iceberg. (See related story, Page 3.)

5. House panel proposes steep funding cuts for agencies

Summary: Double-digit budget cuts could be on the horizon for several federal agencies under the proposed spending limits released by the House Appropriations Committee.

Outlook: Expect the fiscal 2012 budget to be hard fought.

6. Government reorganization taking first steps

Summary: After promising a major reorganization of government in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama set the process in motion.

Outlook: There is no firm plan yet, so watch for developments and specifics to emerge.

7. How the federal government is missing the bus with its telework strategy

Summary: Blogger and cartoonist John Klossner critiques the federal telework policy.

Outlook: The government’s timid steps toward encouraging telework will likely pay off slowly and in small ways.

8. TSA's Blogger Bob and the many angry comments

Summary: In a Transportation Security Administration blog post, the author wrote about criminal charges against a passenger without noting that the passenger had been acquitted. The blog’s commenters made it clear that they found that deceptive.

Outlook: The FCW Insider shared the story as a lesson in federal blogging: Never forget that you’re writing for an unknown and potentially skeptical audience.

About the Author

Technology journalist Michael Hardy is a former FCW editor.


  • Cybersecurity
    Shutterstock photo id 669226093 By Gorodenkoff

    The disinformation game

    The federal government is poised to bring new tools and strategies to bear in the fight against foreign-backed online disinformation campaigns, but how and when they choose to act could have ramifications on the U.S. political ecosystem.

    sensor network (agsandrew/

    Are agencies really ready for EIS?

    The telecom contract has the potential to reinvent IT infrastructure, but finding the bandwidth to take full advantage could prove difficult.

  • People
    Dave Powner, GAO

    Dave Powner audits the state of federal IT

    The GAO director of information technology issues is leaving government after 16 years. On his way out the door, Dave Powner details how far govtech has come in the past two decades and flags the most critical issues he sees facing federal IT leaders.

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