House votes to extend pay freeze

Federal employees are one step closer to having their pay freeze extended. The House voted late on Feb. 1 to pass a bill that extends the current two-year freeze by one additional year, the Washington Post reported.

The bill, which passed 309 to 117, also freezes Congressional pay. The Senate still must pass the bill before President Barack Obama will have a chance to sign or veto it.

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Sat, Feb 4, 2012

How come we never hear of Congressional pay cuts or reduction in force, staff or retirement benefits? Shouldn't the people know how much Congressional and Judicial retirements are and how much they are costing the public? Is that not public information that we need to know what we are getting? Surely, we should be cutting those since the regular Federal employee is being 'overpaid' perhaps the Congressional and Judicial pay and retirements are too excessive too? Let them share in helping bring down the deficit. Or is it too sacred a cow?

Fri, Feb 3, 2012

I do not know of any corporation on wallstreet or anywhere else for that matter where you can retain your job with a 12% performance review score card, pay for performance. This next election should be interesting as they are supposed to work for the American Citizens right? Polls say the American citizens have given the House a 12% aproval rating. Great opportunity out there for a independant party to make a clean sweep.

Fri, Feb 3, 2012

I knew this would happen. O well there is not much we can do but sit and wait. I agree with you Fed Worker about the people who think us Feds make so much money as compared to those in the private sector-- totally not true. The other day I heard that a study was done which showed evidence that Feds actually make significantly less than others doing similar jobs in the private sector. Thanks to all those who made this possible for us once again!!!!!

Fri, Feb 3, 2012 EPA Employeee

I could accept this if other, much more substantial sacrifices were made to address the broader debt issue. Focussing on Federal goverment employee salaries is not addressing the debt problem. This is a crisis and we need to act now, and stop procrastinating with Band-Aid measures like this. Our debt is an inconvenient reality that we need to face up to, and the best way is for everyone to share in addressing it - we all have a stake in this, and we all need to contribute to the solution. Taxes will have to go up and spending will need to be cut - across the board - nothing remains untouched. How much of a tax increase/spending cut will vary, but everyone needs to share the pain. Focussing on the federal work force is not going to get us there. It is part of the solution, but a small part, and the public needs to know that.

Fri, Feb 3, 2012

So the President believes we should get an insultingly small raise, while the House still labors under the delusion that we are overpaid. Given the current weak economy they certainly can get away with this now, but as the economy improves the government is going to find it much more difficult to hire the best and brightest. Leave it to our politicians to never be able to see anything past the next election.

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