Justice warns that 100,000 furloughs are possible

Automatic budget cuts could lead to furloughs for more than 100,000 Justice Department employees, a department spokeswoman told the Federal Times.

The furloughs, which would include FBI agents, trial attorneys and others, would last roughly five weeks, if the sequestration cuts take effect next January, according to the Times article.

Those budget cuts would cost the Justice Department about $2.1 billion in fiscal 2013 and the furloughs would affect nearly 90 percent of Justice's employees.

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Thu, Mar 15, 2012

Cutting costs in all the silly electricity and allowing more telework could prevent the entire problem and reduce DC Beltway traffic at the same time. All these cost cutting measures are highly reactionary and rarely does anyone attempt to be innovative. C'mon, are we really so ignorant to believe this won't impact contractors a great deal more then government employees? If Justice wants to save money I could tell you about at least 30 software development programs that could easily be replaced by off the shelf products. Government officials often think their business processes are unique but that's rarely the case. Most of the junk being created is cost bloated junk which causes even more costs to government. Hell, why are they buying iPhones from Apple when DOJ is already suing Apple for controlling electronic book distribution issues? Seems like they should be buying less expensive Windows or Droid phones... That alone would save these temp layoffs from occuring.

Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Gives a new perspective on "Justice is blind"

Wed, Mar 14, 2012 DC Fed Washington DC

Furloughs of 100,000 staff for 5 weeks is equivalent to laying off 9600 workers for a year. Is justice really overstaffed by nearly 10% on a daily basis? What is it that Justice is expected to stop doing if they have 10% fewer mahours available to do the assigned work?

Wed, Mar 14, 2012 DC Fed Washington DC

Furlough 100,000 for 5 weeks or terminate 9600 staff. Is justice really overstaffed by nearly 10%?

Wed, Mar 14, 2012 DC Fed Washington DC

So, last week ATF announced they were going to eliminate all of their blackberry smartphones and replace them with I-Phones, FBI continues to throw money in the Sentinal sink-hole, LEISP has resumed development. Where are the detailed and defensible benefit cost analysis reports for these and other costly initiatives that justify moving forward on them when a report like this suggests budget reductions will require the furloughs amounting to 2 million man hours of lost productivity? How many investigations will be cancelled or interrupted, how many prosecutions will be dropped or delayed ("justice delayed is justice denied"), how many prison guards will be injured or killed due to reduced manpower? The list goes on and on and it always falls on the backs of fed staff while the big boys continue to get their toys. Full disclosure... I'll be one of the 100,000.

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