2012 Budget

Sequestration clock ticks louder

Congress only has until Jan. 2, 2013, to stop the oncoming train of forced budget cuts.

New analysis estimates agency-by-agency sequestration cuts

The Professional Services Council has run some numbers on the likely cost of sequestration's first year.

Study quantifies coming cuts in federal IT spending

As inevitable budget cuts come nearer, market research firm attempts to predict just where spending will fall the most.

Senator toughens up on DOD's money transfers

DOD warned to stop transferring funds without justification.

Defense IT: Preparing for the worst and other survival strategies in 2012

Although everyone will feel the pain of budget cuts in the days ahead, some areas of defense IT will fare better than others.

Defense cloud plans still up in the air

Defense Department plans for migrating services to commercial clouds will be revealed in the coming weeks.

2012 forecast: Pressure builds across gov IT

25 IT, policy and management challenges that could disrupt your operations.

DOD: Industry partnerships still central despite budget cuts

As the Defense Department plans for smaller budgets, contractors worry about their own fortunes.

Leave fed pay and benefits alone, union says

Feds have sacrificed enough, union says.

Dot-gov Web sprawl a challenge to untangle

Reform efforts have reduced the number of government websites, but the trickiest challenges lie ahead.

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