Agency News: Veterans Affairs

Ruchika C. Croall

Director, Enterprise Program Management Office, Information Assurance, Department of Veterans Affairs

LaVerne Horton Council

Here's what VA's decisive new CIO has planned

LaVerne Council is preparing to reveal a new cybersecurity strategy and an overall direction for IT operations at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

John Gingrich, VA

Agencies take action as GAO knocks strategic sourcing effort

After an audit found that agencies have made very little use of strategic sourcing, DOD and other agencies point to some reforms, pledge to make more.

VA cracks down on conference spending

The Veterans Administration has set new rules intended to prevent a repeat of the conference spending probe that culminated in its top human resources officer's resignation.

VA official resigns in conference-spending scandal

A top VA official has resigned and others have been put on an administrative leave in the course of an inspector general probe into spending on training conferences.

Conference costs draw congressional ire

GSA's conference scandal was just the start. Now a dozen agencies are being asked to defend their spending on conferences.

VA to direct more money to service-disabled vets

VA officials intend to boost their contract awards to veterans.

More VA spending goes under investigation

The House Veterans' Affairs Committee interest doesn't stop in Orlando.

VA's 'Patton' parody finds defenders

Not everyone agrees that VA's $52K training film was bad use of taxpayer funds.

VA spent $52,000 for 'Patton'-inspired training film

A House panel begins to detail excessive spending connected to VA training conferences, including production of a video in which an actor parodied a scene from the cinema classic.

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