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Agencies still struggle with workforce stewardship

New survey finds that leaders fail to wisely manage limited resources.

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5 books you should have read by now

There’s room on your nightstand for more than FCW and digital government white papers. Here are five suggestions for some much-needed perspective.

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Senators challenge administration on layoff advice

The Obama administration's pledge to pay the legal fees of contractors who run into trouble for sequestration-related layoffs might not be legal.

Obama signs continuing resolution

Agencies now have money designated through March 27.

Continuing resolution heads for President Obama’s desk

Despite squabbling that lasted until the last minute, the Senate passed a continuing resolution to provide funding for six more months.

Former top DOD officials skewer Congress over sequestration

In a rare joint appearance, two former DOD leaders to take Congress to task for exacerbating the top U.S. threats: budget cuts and the national debt.

Planning for -- and surviving -- sequestration

With sequestration possible in just a few months, experts offer tips to help managers minimize the impact of budget cuts on employees and agency missions.

Obama releases sequestration report

The White House has outlined plans for implementing $1.2 trillion in budget reductions across the federal government.

House targets cybersecurity, transparency in 2013 continuing resolution

An expected spending agreement would keep the government functioning, add some funding for high-priority programs.

Obama's sequestration report delayed

The administration says it needs more time to figure out the details on across-the-board budget cuts set to take effect in January, but the report itself expected to contain few surprises.

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