Chris Bronk

Chris Bronk

Chris Bronk is a research fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and an adjunct instructor of computer science at Rice. He previously served as a Foreign Service Officer and was assigned to the State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy.

Chris Bronk

Tech innovation outpaces government's desire to change

Google's dispute with Interior is just a symptom of a much larger problem: The government still resists change, writes Chris Bronk.

IT spending: When bad news is good news

Improved access to federal spending data bodes well for IT decision-making, writes FCW columnist Chris Bronk.

Federal cyber strategy gets modestly clearer

The memo that gives DHS the lead role on government cybersecurity answered some questions but raised others, writes Chris Bronk.

Chris Bronk

How smart should the smart grid be?

Updating the electrical grid makes sense, but there are still a few bugs to work out, writes FCW columnist Chris Bronk.

Chris Bronk

Top leaders are realizing that, when it comes to IT security, ignorance is costly

Effective cybersecurity requires approaches that look at vulnerability and risk through the dual lenses of technology and policy, writes commentator Chris Bronk.

Chris Bronk

3 simple truths about the cloud

Like all good marketing campaigns, the cloud is more of a concept than a reality, writes Chris Bronk.

Coming to terms with FaceSpace

The defining question for any CIO today is whether they allow their employees to access the latest, greatest hits of Web 2.0.

Tear down self-imposed, bureaucratic hurdles to trust

If the Justice Department's new information-sharing tool works, law enforcement agencies will be able to solve cases ranging from electronic fraud to terrorism, writes Chris Bronk.

Making the cloud work: The federation connection

For Google Wave or any other mega-sharing, browser-based application to work for government, agencies must resolve the issue of trust, writes Chris Bronk.

Google Wave could crush the competition

Google Wave has the potential to be a uniquely valuable piece of software that can connect any enterprise that uses Web browsers, writes Chris Bronk.

Chris Bronk

The 'browser mafia' must lead the IT revolution

Consensus on strategy is fleeting, but most recognize that IT is a catalyst for fundamental change, writes FCW columnist Chris Bronk.

Marines' social-media ban is bad for morale

Rather than telling troops to get off Twitter and Facebook, the military should educate them about security.

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