Tim Sprehe

Tim Sprehe is president of Sprehe Information Management Associates in Washington.

Exploding the data storage myth

People who say we should save everything because data storage is cheap are talking nonsense.

A new kind of record-keeper

The next National Archivist could fix decades of problems in digital management.

Sprehe: E-mail records problems

White House officials didn’t save their e-mail messages, but neither do officials at most agencies.

Sprehe: Missing the point

Information management suffers when agencies focus too obsessively on risk management.

Sprehe: Embracing data

New Air Force information management policy is a step toward preserving institutional memory.

Sprehe: Saving vs. managing e-mail

The test of a good e-mail archiving system is how efficiently and accurately it retrieves information.

Sprehe: NARA profile reflects bad focus

The architecture document gives more attention to the risks than the benefits of records management.

Sprehe: A puzzling executive order

The Bush administration makes it harder to get information from the government

Sprehe: Wishing NARA well

It will take a lot of effort for the Electronic Records Archives to succeed

Sprehe: FBI gets it right

Bureau requires systems to be certified as complying with existing standard.

Sprehe: Promises not yet fulfilled

Clinger-Cohen has been a major step forward in government management.

Sprehe: OMB's policy needs help

The pablum of a Web site policy was yesterday's news several years ago.

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