Retirees get back to work

Agencies' new authority to hire federal retirees for part-time government work is a win-win situation for government and employees, writes Judy Welles.

Be a hero, not a victim

A new book encourages employees to respond to adversity with creativity, not self-pity.

Give yourself a break

Even though you might not think you can take time away from your important job or that you can’t afford to do so, forgoing vacation can make everything worse.

War games spark better-informed decisions

War games are not just for children and generals. The authors of a new book demonstrate how the concepts can apply to vexing business problems.

Welles: New book provides fresh take on many familiar business ideas

You are bound to find some truths that work for you in a new book, "Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self," by Alan Webber. Webber gives all of them a new context that keeps them current.

Welles: Agencies will recover too

Federal employees can expect more work and visibility as the economic recovery efforts move ahead.

Get a Life: Experience matters

Older federal employees might not be about to retire after all, and agencies can draw on their years of service for the future.

Living young in the digital age

Managers who understand the Net Generation can transform government.

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