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How VA is disrupting tech delivery

A former Digital Service specialist at the Department of Veterans Affairs explains efforts to transition government from a legacy "project" approach to a more user-centered "product" method.

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Moving out smartly on cloud and modernization

The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy takes a thoughtful approach to IT modernization.

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In supply chain management, the best defense is a good offense

No matter how "smart" a cybersecurity system and program is, there will always be a vulnerability if it's designed to play defense.

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4 modernization best practices

To support long-term modernization initiatives, agencies must invest in skilled staff and open, automated and collaborative processes.

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How a mature FedRAMP sets the stage for more ambitious cloud projects

Cloud adoption is being driven by broader pressure on agencies and maturation of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

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Why CX in government is no longer optional

In the era of big data, comprehensive CX programs are recommended for any enterprise to understand every aspect of customer interaction and perception. Though much has changed, that old adage that "the customer is always right" endures.

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How government entities can combat cyber threats

Rather than getting to the point of no return, agencies should manage cybersecurity through preventative action, technological excellence, hygiene and training.

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The Federal Data Strategy demands the right infrastructure

The policies are now properly aligned, but successful execution will require structural changes.

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Shifting culture is the best way to reignite public-sector innovation

Agencies that embrace transparency, collaboration and meritocracy as foundational values will have more success adapting to a fast-moving and increasingly ambiguous future.

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6 steps for federal cloud migration success

Meeting the expectations of end users and agency leaders means ensuring applications perform at the same levels or better once they are operating in the cloud.

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How a VC model can help government 'spin in' commercial innovation

Federal agencies should adapt external engagement models from corporate venture capital to take advantage of innovation in the commercial sector.

Data analytics

How to make the Federal Data Strategy succeed

A chief data officer can drive strategy and execution, but a vision where every employee is empowered by data requires leaders at all levels helping to create an environment where the right business and mission processes and business analytic tools become the center piece of decisions.

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