Agile development By Kalakruthi shutterstock image ID: 516494164

Air Force rolls out PEO Digital

The service is rebranding and changing its acquisition structure to reflect new statutory authorities and its agile approach to development.

U.S. Air Force Cyber - photo share via DS

Air Force mulls cyber RCO

The U.S. Air Force is considering a rapid capabilities office to streamline cybersecurity acquisition.

Census 2020 By Maria Dryfhout Stock photo ID: 790714156

GAO: $15.6 billion census cost estimate not reliable

The Census Bureau bumped its lifecycle cost estimate for the 2020 count up to $15.6 billion last year -- more than $3 billion more than initially projected. But the GAO is, again, taking issue with the reliability of the estimate.

drone at airport (Shutterstock.com)

FAA drone tracker launches nationwide

The FAA completed the rollout of a nationwide real-time drone operations authorization system.

innovation (PopTika/Shutterstock.com)

Army Futures Command to set up DIU-like innovation lab

Army Futures Command hopes to streamline the acquisition process with its own innovation arm and a new CTO.

NSA ft meade sign official nsa photo

U.S. Cyber Command looks to grow its acquisition capacity

U.S. Cyber Command's contracting office is in its "infancy" with a handful of staff and is looking to expand while showing Congress it knows what it's doing.

shutterstock image By enzozo; photo ID: 319763930

How to win funds and modernize technology

As TMF funding hangs in the balance, the modernization board advises applicants not to bury the lede.

Concept of an abstract quantum computer. 3d illustration By plotplot shutterstock ID 707534518

Quantum lag: Experts fret that the U.S. risks falling behind in computing power

Quantum computing could upend current cryptography standards, and experts are urging government to take an interest in the technology as it develops.

U.S. Capitol (Photo by M DOGAN / Shutterstock)

Lawmakers approve deal to keep government open until December

As part of a "minibus" funding bill lawmakers have agreed to extend the clock until after the midterm elections to keep the rest of government running at current funding levels as they continue deliberating on appropriations bills.

Shutterstock ID 543155404 By NicoElNino

Should government expand its ID proofing role?

There's momentum in the public and private sectors behind an idea to expand government's role in validating digital identities.

Robotic process automation  (Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock.com)

DARPA funds next-generation AI

The $2 billion "AI Next" campaign aims to transform computers from specialized tools to partners with contextual reasoning capabilities.

Partnership (sdecoret/Shutterstock.com)

GSA, USAF launch partnership on IT to replace NetCents

A new blanket purchasing agreement aligns GSA and Air Force in a "strategic partnership" on IT hardware and products under blanket purchase agreement.

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