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Supplier ownership should be considered in assessing supply chain risk

Many vendors lack transparency into their own supply chains. So how can vendors – as well as their government customers — be assured that their sub-tier suppliers do not pose threats or vulnerabilities?

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Old tech can help IRS catch wealthy tax cheats

The IRS’ legacy tech is effective at flagging high-income taxpayers who skip filing, but a lack of staff and low prioritization is leaving billions on the table.

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Pandemic means beta.SAM shift will take a little longer

At GSA, plans to fully shift legacy acquisition systems are being stalled to help contractors and agencies keep current.

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Exit Interview: Bill Zielinski

The General Services Administration can’t be shy about getting up close with its federal customers about technology, as the EIS telecom transformation and other efforts move ahead, Zielinski told FCW in an interview.

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Obituary: Kevin Carroll

Long-time Army procurement expert and head of PEO EIS Kevin Carroll has passed away.

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Local governments look to Congress for help with COVID impacts

Counties and municipalities put faith in SMART, HEROES legislation to offset economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Information sharing

'Zero trust' requires IT and the mission side to collaborate

Since 9/11, agencies have been pushed to quickly and easily share information, but cybersecurity failures are pushing government to a zero trust model – one which brings challenges of its own.

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Zielinski to take CIO post in Dallas

As one of the top category managers prepares to take on a municipal CIO position in Texas, the General Services Administration is shifting personnel deep inside the organization.

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Google wins DOD cloud pilot contract

The Defense Innovation Unit, awarded Google Cloud a contract for a multi-cloud security gateway to manage and monitor applications and mitigate cyber threats.

Joe Novotny, reading clerk of the House of Representatives, May 15, 2020

House passes $3 trillion HEROES Act relief legislation

The Senate has no plans to take up the bill and White House said it would veto what it called an "partisan and ideological wishlist".

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Pentagon reassigns COVID policy response lead

The Defense Department’s chief for industrial policy, Jennifer Santos, who has been leading the organization’s production strategy for supplies needed to fight COVID-19, has been removed from her post.

Bill Evanina

The need for clearances may drop as teleworking expands, Evanina says

Bill Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said the intel community’s carte blanche need for top-secret security clearances may dwindle due to expanded telework abilities.

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