Program Management

Chase Garwood

Every sheriff needs a deputy

No leader is complete without a strong right hand, and CIOs are no exception. Deputy CIOs, though less visible than their bosses, nonetheless play a vital role in managing agency technology.

steve kelman

Productivity and the placebo effect

Ongoing studies show that a positive mind-set can have a measurable impact on performance, which offers some tantalizing insights for federal managers, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

John Gingrich, VA

VA leaders defend chief of staff

Veterans Affairs leaders rebuff congressional calls for the removal of John Gingrich over his responsibility for spending abuses.

Bob Woods

Smart decision-making for poets

Federal managers can simplify a complex decision-making process -- and ensure success -- by anticipating and addressing concerns in four basic areas.

More setbacks for DOD financial management reform?

Unauthorized changes, data inconsistencies could put audit-ready goal at risk.

Missing data hampers contract inventories

Agencies are supposed to maintain contract inventories to give management a clear picture of where their money goes, but some critical data is difficult to get.

NASA learns the dark side of a sunny outlook

When exploring the solar system, NASA's 'we can do it' attitude is critical for success. On more down-to-earth projects, however, it can create problems.

Government said to be making larger strides in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity efforts are starting to pay off and agencies are working together better, says NSC's cybersecurity coordinator.

DHS seeks future all-stars from program manager ranks

DHS official sees managers toiling in obscurity as a farm team, people to train and mentor so that they can step in larger leadership roles in the future.

New bill would grant CIOs greater authority

Legislation being drafted by House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa would clarify the CIO's role, and enact several other reforms.

Battlefield rotations could be bad for contract management

In war zones, contract personnel are often just getting familiar with their work when it's time to go home.

GSA may lower some contract surcharges for agencies

With a surplus on hand in the GSA Schedules program, the time may be ripe for restructuring the fees, according to GSA's leader.

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