White Paper Report: Federal Guide to Cloud Security Essentials

As agencies accelerate movement to secure cloud and adopt a Zero Trust approach to mitigate increasingly sophisticated threats, they must rethink their approach to cloud and security.

With constant access to content, apps, and devices—all seamlessly connected to each other, all the time, without disruption—cloud is an inextricable part of our everyday lives. So, in agency environments, the expectation is the same. You want to use what you need when you need it, and you want a fluid experience that doesn’t hinder productivity. Migrating to the cloud can bring cost savings, efficiency, and scalability to IT Departments. But it also presents its own vulnerabilities if not properly secured.  

Discover the right way to cloud in this federal guide from Forcepoint, including how to apply zero trust access to web content and cloud apps for any user, anywhere, and on any device —increasing both productivity and security.

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