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How does sequestration look to you?

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We've been reporting on sequestration for some time now, but we're interested to know what you're seeing in your own agencies. Now that the deadline for a deal has passed, have you been given new policies? Any announcements of furloughs or other workforce measures? Are projects being canceled or scaled down?

The information our readers provide may help us cover the unfolding of the sequester more thoroughly, so let us know what's happening. You can tell us in the comments below, or if you'd prefer to be less public, e-mail Executive Editor Troy Schneider at

Posted by Michael Hardy on Mar 01, 2013 at 12:10 PM

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Reader comments

Wed, Mar 6, 2013

All the president has to do is say, "entitlement reform is on the table". But NO. He has to reduce the debt all on the backs of the discretionary part of the budget. This is NOT possible. It's too small. It's like he deosn't know how to do math. But he is certainly willing to hurt a lot of poeple right now. Short term thinking is what got us here and keeping entitlement reform off the table will make everything even worse. I'm beginning to think Bush had a good idea by allowing individuals the option to privitize social security if they desired. If I had the choice now with the way the president and congress are acting, I'd opt out and save for my own retirement. Ugh!

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 Erich Darr

You should know that DoD has public information officers to release information of that nature. If a DoD employee is naive enough to provide that kind of info, they could get into serious trouble.

Mon, Mar 4, 2013

On the management side: Lots of rhetoric, lots of time wasted on planning for the sequester, but always seeming to have the same thought in the back of everyone's mind. "They'll settle before 27 March, they have to. This is nothing more than a game." On the employee side: Lots of folks looking for ways to pay the bills and survive with a 20% salary cut. Many will have to choose between eating and paying the rent. Since the salary freezes, few folks have any buffer left to live on if the furloughs actually happen. This will have significant impacts, even if the Furloughs don't occur.

Mon, Mar 4, 2013

It is all a bunch of crap Congress has used the DoD civilians as ponds they have cut our pay buy not allowing us to have our pay raises and now they are trying to have us fall like they have for the past 11 years. Thay can't tell me that there isn't a solution to fix the problems that they have created. They are a bunch of loser who can't talk without saying I can't do that it would make my party look weak and that will not happen because they will lose face. It is no woulder that we are in the shape we are in my parents touch us to set down, talk and work out any and all problems we had with anyone. But it is a fact that they don't understand that it will work if they would just lesson to one another. They can fix anything with understanding that this is their jobs to fix the problem that they created. We as DoD civilians didn't creat this mess but we are sure paying for it.

Mon, Mar 4, 2013

We no longer have a US Congress instead we have a Clown Circus.

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