• iStockPhoto / FCW

    Sourcing restrictions: prudent or punitive?

    Rules limiting procurement from China are only part of the international picture. Read More

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  • compass innovation

    Sequester not to blame for lack of innovation

    The government has been wasting money in IT for the past decade, so blaming the current budget situation for a refusal to innovate is misplaced. Read More

  • surveillance camera

    If not Clapper, then who?

    A reader confirms the sense of uncertainty not only over who should lead an intelligence review, but who should be involved. Read More

  • Image of file folders

    Readers divided about VA theory on stolen laptops

    Readers offer a mixture of criticism and praise for Acting Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology Stephen Warren's response to VA data breaches. Read More

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  • Videoconference

    Reader: Government is ready for videoconferencing

    An FCW reader argues that technology is not the real challenge to expanding the use of video. Read More

  • data center

    Why data centers are hard to count

    A reader suggests that the difficulty with data center consolidation is a matter of definition. Read More

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  • navy ranks

    Readers complain about 'brass creep'

    The military's problems may be due in part to an overabundance of 'chiefs and supervisors,' FCW readers say. Read More

  • rejected stamp

    How to get your comments rejected

    FCW's comment moderator explains what merits use of the 'delete' key. Read More

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  • William Lay

    Did the State Department's William Lay deserve IG criticism?

    Some FCW readers thought a recent IG report -- and our story -- went too far in blaming a current leader for long-standing problems. Read More

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  • auctioneer

    Should Steve Kelman stay quiet on reverse auctions?

    Readers accuse FCW's ivory-tower blogger of having a conflict of interest that simple disclosure doesn't overcome. Read More

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