• data center cages

    Data center holdup: A question of funding?

    A reader wonders whether the mysterious hold on a data-center consolidation project could be over who pays the bill. Read More

  • image of worried man

    The ripple effect of furloughs

    A reader notes that furloughing DOD workers has costs of its own. Read More

    Comments: 9
  • executive pay

    Contractor compensation: Just a giveaway?

    A reader argues that contractor compensation should be done away with. Read More

  • Navy person using keyboard

    What's wrong with cyber training? Apparently, a lot.

    Our recent story headlined “What’s wrong with cyber training?” provoked quite the reaction. Read More

    Comments: 2
  • Mo Brooks

    Feds and the Fifth Amendment

    FCW readers are split on whether federal employees should be fired for invoking Constitutional rights. Read More

    Comments: 3
  • stylized professionals

    Can agencies reward workers without money?

    Readers critique recent ideas for low-cost morale-boosters and recognition. Read More

    Comments: 5
  • bar chart made of $100

    Can big data really save billions?

    A reader questions the dollar figures in a recent article about big data's potential benefits. Read More

  • wounded veteran

    Where did the VA comments go?

    A few readers wonder if there was some back-channel pressure that led to comments being removed on a controversial story. Read More

    Comments: 2
  • cars

    Who needs an Internet-connected fridge?

    It's true that more and more devices can be connected to the Internet, but is there really a point? Frank Konkel has some thoughts. Read More

  • government industry dialog

    Did the GSA IG put communications at risk?

    A reader opines on whether an inspector general's report about meddling managers could harm OFPP's 'Myth-Busting' campaign. Read More

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