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Security by the numbers
Source: E-Government Bulletin

The United Kingdom’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance has proposed a new approach to securing sensitive data, according to the E-Government Bulletin, produced by London-based publisher Headstar.

Rather than using labels such as confidential or secret, the group would apply a “business impact code” ranging from 0 to 6. The higher the number, the more adverse the consequences would be if the information were compromised, according to the group.

Each code is associated with a set of security measures, with the higher numbers indicating more complex — and costly — solutions.

How to explain cloud computing to CFOs
Source: CIO

Bernard Golden, a technology consultant who writes a blog for CIO.com, discusses a report aimed at helping chief information officers talk about the benefits of cloud computing in terms their chief financial officers can understand.

One important point is that cloud computing usually works on a pay-as-you-go model, which is something a CFO should appreciate immediately. A second point is that cloud providers typically get better pricing on equipment because they buy in volume.
However, it would also be useful to have a strategy for explaining cloud computing to CIOs, Golden writes.

A guide to network-based governance
Source: Center for Technology in Government

The Center for Technology in Government (CTG), based at the University at Albany, has developed a framework for improving interoperability across governments.

According to CTG research, governments have found that a hierarchical bureaucracy makes it difficult to collaborate and deliver services to the public.

Instead, governments should aim for “a network form of organization where new groupings of persons and organizations must learn to work together and share information, exchange knowledge and respond to demands in new ways,” CTG states.

The center’s framework explains how to make that model work.

Note to Obama: Forget the polls
Source: The Municipalist

The Municipalist blogger (“Where government and Web 2.0 collide”) opines on the idea of creating a Web site, called my.america.gov, to serve as “the world’s largest focus group.”

Josh Bernoff, a technology analyst at Forrester Research, proposed the idea, suggesting that President-elect Barack Obama appoint “a U.S. Community Manager, with a small staff, to moderate and harvest [online] discussions to solve the country’s problems.”

Bernoff pitched the Web site as a way to tap into the creativity of people across the country. But the Municipalist worries that the program could turn into “a mass bully force.”

Posted on Nov 14, 2008 at 12:12 PM


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