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Rep. Connolly wants you to tell him a story

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Rep. Gerry Connolly wants people to email federal employee success stories to ThankAFed@mail.house.gov.

Amid the failures and tales of a public dissatisfied with federal workers, success stories often go unnoticed. Rep. Gerry Connolly wants to hear those stories.

As Public Service Recognition Week wound down, the Virginia Democrat announced the creation of a dedicated email address -- ThankAFed@mail.house.gov -- for the people to submit stories of public servants who went above and beyond the call of duty.

"The inspiration for this project was hearing firsthand from constituents about stories of good governance that are compelling, yet lack the characteristics of scandal or conflict that so often make good headlines," Connolly said.

Connolly’s office, which will monitor the new account, said constituents have already sent in many stories that defy the “frequent stereotype of lazy and inept government bureaucrats.”

Will trolls use the account to lob spam or hate mail the government’s way?

“[T]o date, the positive has far outweighed a few negative submissions, and I am pleased that we have already received detailed responses from individuals that highlight and describe precisely the types of best practices that we are interested in learning more about," Connolly told FCW.

Connolly added that he hopes the lessons gleaned from the stories will lead not just to back-patting praise for certain public servants, but to the identification of new best practices to improve civil service.

Posted by Zach Noble on May 08, 2015 at 9:03 AM

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Mon, May 11, 2015

Where does it state that you need to account for 8 hours of work. Do you not get restroom breaks, or a cup of joe. There are times that you put in more then your 8 hours of work but there will be times that it just does not meet those 8 hours. There needs to be some give and take. I have been working since I was about 5 years old and I have never seen anyone in my live work 8 hours without having some kind of a break or stopping to talk to someone at there work or passing by. We have gone over board on all this accountability. We really need OPM to get a hold of this, then there the issue with a time clock for salary employees, or as they call it a in/out board and status board to make sure we keep you safe. If that is not a bunch of corny saying, other then keeping tabs on people. Big brother has really taken a tow on the workers by stressing them out and making them feel less valuable. We are going to the pots, no more respect for the workers and no one feels like they are needed anymore. We need to start prayer in the mornings again in our school and our work place. Start saying the pledge of allegiance at work and school. Worn out in TEXAS,,,,West TEXAS

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