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FCW Insider: April 25

Threats both known and unknown loom in the 2020 elections. Derek B. Johnson takes a look at whether election officials and federal agencies will be facing the same type of cyber threats and foreign influence campaigns that took place in the 2016 vote.

The White House will soon unveil its plan for managing data within and across agencies, as well as guidance for recently passed legislation, according to federal CIO Suzette Kent and deputy CIO Margie Graves. Chase Gunter reports on what the policies might look like.

Two supply chain security efforts -- one at the Department of Homeland Security and one at the Office of Management and Budget -- are figuring out how to work together without duplicating work. Mark Rockwell explains.

Defense Department CIO Dana Deasy previewed the 2020 work of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. Lauren C. Williams reports on what to expect.

Quick Hits

*** The Congressional Budget Office weighed in on a pair of Senate bills that seek to boost cybersecurity protections among small businesses. The Small Business Cyber Training Act would require the Small Business Administration to create a new certification program for cyber counseling and provide up to $350,000 a year to subsidize cyber security planning for small businesses. The CBO said implementing the legislation would cost about $2 million total between 2020 and 2024.

The SBA Cyber Awareness Act would require the SBA to report annually to Congress on its IT security, recent security incidents, potential areas for improvement, and its reliance on Chinese parts, components and systems. The CBO determined that most of that information is already collected by SBA, and said the bill would have no budgetary impact if passed into law.

*** The Army's Enterprise IT as a Service initiative looks to integrate commercial cloud into the service's backbone and infrastructure. The Army already has some individual commercial cloud implementations along with all of its homegrown infrastructure. EITaaS is an effort to move deeper into a commercial cloud while leveraging the investments the Army already has in place. Read more in GCN.

Posted on Apr 25, 2019 at 12:41 AM


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