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FCW Insider: March 30

$2 trillion stimulus bill offers needed relief but falls short on added costs, contractors say

Defense contractors would get some relief for personnel costs under the Senate-passed $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus and relief bill but worries over increased production costs remain. Lauren C. Williams has more.

GSA hangs tough on EIS timeline

GSA is firm on a key deadline for its next-generation telecommunications contract, as it tells agencies that haven’t met transition criteria that they could be disconnected from older telecom contracts. Mark Rockwell reports.

IRS planning workforce evacuation order

The order would mandate telework for all eligible employees regardless of their prior arrangements. Lia Russell has the story.

OPM launches plan to help feds find COVID-19 response work details

The planned Surge Response Program is designed to consolidate pandemic response opportunities for current federal employees. Get more from Lia.

Team coverage: COVID-19 and the federal workforce

FCW is covering the full spectrum of impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the federal workforce and government operations. Please check back often for stories and insights behind the headlines about how the coronavirus response is affecting telework, acquisition, service delivery, collaboration, technology and more. Click here for our full coverage page.

Posted by FCW Staff on Mar 30, 2020 at 2:26 AM


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