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FCW Insider: April 6

Legacy systems crumble under high demand

Unemployment insurance and other social safety net IT systems around the county are crumbling under the stress of millions of users seeking to apply for benefits in the wake of unprecedented unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adam Mazmanian has more.

DHS contractors subject to new COVID-19 screening procedures

The new restrictions come as federal agencies and industry grapple with how best to collaborate on projects under quarantines and social distancing guidelines designed to limit in-person gatherings. Derek B. Johnson reports.

Federal HR officials say they're hindered by general schedule pay

Agency chief human capital officers cite the GS as a hindrance to attracting talent to certain high-demand occupations. Lia Russell takes a look.

Team coverage: COVID-19 and the federal workforce

*** FCW is covering the full spectrum of impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the federal workforce and government operations. Please check back often for stories and insights behind the headlines about how the coronavirus response is affecting telework, acquisition, service delivery, collaboration, technology and more. Click here for our full coverage page.

Posted by FCW Staff on Apr 06, 2020 at 2:04 AM


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    Leveraging the TMF to improve customer experience

    Focusing on customer experience as part of the Technology Modernization Fund investment strategy will enable agencies to improve service and build trust in government.

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    Why zero trust is having a moment

    Improved technologies and growing threats have agencies actively pursuing dynamic and context-driven security.

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