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FCW Insider: June 22

DOD names chief data officer

Spirk filled the same role at U.S. Special Operations Command, has an intelligence background and will help implement the department's modernization strategy.

Why pay attention to indictments of foreign hackers?

While critics say "name and shame" indictments are largely toothless, a top DOJ official said they also help send an important message to victims.

Retention woes dog government contractors

An industry study says pandemic highlights need for rethinking performance assessments, workplace flexibilities.

Some feds will see use-or-lose leave restored due to the pandemic

New regulations will allow workers designated essential during the coronavirus outbreak to have their unused leave restored.

Pandemic oversight begins to take shape

The Pandemic Response Accountability Council will look at IT challenges, safety measures and funding oversight.

Quick Hits

*** The Department of Homeland Security is expanding its insider threat program to go beyond scrutinizing individual with access to classified materials to encompass "all those with past or current access to DHS facilities, information, equipment, networks, or systems" according to a Privacy Impact Assessment dated June 16.

The insider threat program is expanding data collection to include employment and performance information, personnel files, clearance status and more. DHS is changing the policy because it has identified a new category of insider threat outside the classified environment.

"Threats faced include those posed by insiders with and without security clearances engaging in activities that have no nexus to unauthorized disclosure of classified information," the document states, but does not specify what those activities might include.

*** According to a June 19 oversight report, the General Services Administration isn't adding suspended and debarred vendors to exclusions lists in acquisition systems including eBuy, eLibrary and GSA Advantage! Consequently, the report from GSA's Office of Inspector General states, federal agencies are able to award new contracts and new task to ineligible contractors. GSA CIO David Shive said in reply comments that the problem was identified and corrective actions have been developed.

Posted by FCW Staff on Jun 22, 2020 at 2:06 AM


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