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*** Axios reported that President Joe Biden has selected his senior team at the Office of Personnel Management. There's no nominee for director, but key positions including chief of staff, general counsel, press secretary and more have been named. Picks include OPM veteran Chris Canning who served in the Obama administration and Lynn Eisenberg for general counsel – a senior attorney on the Biden-Harris campaign.

*** The State Department announced it was resuming diversity and inclusion training, in the wake of an executive order on the first day of the Biden administration that reversed a Trump policy that purged such training of certain concepts deemed "divisive".

*** In an interview with the New York Times, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he never thought about quitting his job in the face of criticism from President Donald Trump, White House officials downplaying the pandemic and death threats aimed at himself and his family.

"When people just see you standing up there, they sometimes think you’re being complicit in the distortions emanating from the stage," Fauci said. "But I felt that if I stepped down, that would leave a void. Someone’s got to not be afraid to speak out the truth."

Posted on Jan 25, 2021 at 2:34 AM


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