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Get a Life!: You hate your job, so now what?

As you consider whether to take the step to retirement, or to leave a government job you hate, it may be worth a minute to consider what you can do to make your present situation better.   That’s the advice the Wall Street Journal gave recently to people in the private sector, but the same is true for government.  Sometimes a bird in hand is really worth two in the bush.  Here’s what WSJ reported:

“Most people stuck in miserable jobs don't give enough thought to what they could do to improve the situation other than leaving…Can't stand your boss? Try searching for a position elsewhere in the company. Work and home life clashing? Ask for a more-flexible work schedule. Job boring you to tears? Think about how you could do your work more productively and urge your employer to make changes that may give you greater job satisfaction. By finding a way to stay with your current employer, you avoid giving up seniority by starting as a new hire somewhere else…”

As an added bonus: If you wind up improving your current work situation, you will have probably earned more money and saved more too.  Sometimes the best you can get after government may be starting at a lower rung and lower salary in a private company.  And don’t forget the learning curve – starting a new job in a different environment can take several months to adjust.

If your present job is getting you down, maybe it’s time to get up and look at opportunities in other agencies.  I worked in five federal agencies before I left government. Networking in meetings and in job-related associations is a good way get leads on other jobs and make new friends too.  Got any tips for present Feds on finding another job in government?


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Posted by Judith Welles on Nov 29, 2007 at 12:13 PM


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