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Get a Life!:Tips for job hunting

 A Defense Department systems analyst with 30 years' experience has been trying to change agencies without success. She writes, “I am currently in a miserable work I am seeking a transfer to another federal agency and have applied with no luck…If you do get any tips please let me know. thanks.”

Even though now 'tis the season to be jolly, it can seem grim to those stuck in jobs they hate. One tip is to take some time if the pace slows down to rework a resume or application. Start by describing key skills and accomplishments instead of the technicalities of a job.  Focus on more recent experience and successes and stay light on what occurred far in the past.


Also, highlight skills and accomplishments in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate. Sometimes work done at one agency, if explained only with acronyms or organizational jargon, may not seem relevant to another agency. 

Describe what you do in terms that are transferable to any agency, such as managed projects, evaluated, analyzed, reviewed and leading teams. If you are good with people, talk about interpersonal relations, team building and training others. Put accomplishments in real terms such as saving money, upgrading service and launching a project that helped people. 


Network, network, network. Look for interagency committees to see if you know anyone to contact. Talk up your interest in a new job with friends and contacts.  

The new year is a great time to re-energize the job search. 

Posted by Judith Welles on Dec 04, 2007 at 12:13 PM


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