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Get a Life!: A fresh start with the New Year

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be the same old ideas about diet, exercise or changing bad habits -- although these aren’t necessarily bad ideas. Some 82 percent of those answering the question on Yahoo Hot Jobs! said they were making a work-related New Year’s resolution. 

Work-related resolutions can be like goal setting or forward planning. But these resolutions also can be broader, giving you room to try something new and different this year or do something for yourself. They might be just the thing to help you jump-start your job or your career. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Learn something new. There are loads of books out there to give you ideas and also training classes in new skills.  

  • Join a networking organization. Check out some of the many government and private-sector associations.  

  • Schedule time for you. Whether for fitness or listening to music or reading a book, this is how you can de-stress this year.

  • Drop what’s not working and move on. Stop pushing the rock uphill or banging your head against that wall. Try another approach, or put it aside and come back to it after you get a little distance.

Even has a list of popular New Year’s resolutions with links to information offered by government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Most of the items listed are those evergreen resolutions about losing weight, paying off debt, saving money or getting a better job. Also included is volunteering to help others. 

Has anyone come up with a new and different New Year’s resolution? Post a comment on this blog (registration required), or send an e-mail to and we will post it for you.

Posted by Judith Welles on Jan 02, 2008 at 12:13 PM


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