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Get a Life!: Teleworking away from home

Telework or telecommuting generally means working in your home or at a telework center, away from the bricks and mortar office building of your employer.  CNN reported recently that there may be a new phase to telework, working away from home.  

The concept is called “coworking” and it appeals particularly to those who miss the comradery and collaboration of working with others and to the self-employed who generally work alone.  
The idea is for like-minded independent workers to work solo alongside others just like them.  Coworking balances freedom and independence with teamwork.  Those who cowork, in casual settings such as coffee bars, do their work and exchange ideas with other coworkers who may or may not be in similar types of work. 

Unlike working alongside people with a common mission, as in the same company or program, coworkers may have entirely separate work activities and goals.  But being in a place where everyone is working adds to individual productivity and puts everyone in the “work zone.”  Coworking establishes a work atmosphere, even in a restaurant.

Although this trend may not go very far for many government workers, given security concerns, it is occurring in more than 40 cities. 

Meanwhile, if you are one of the growing number of federal workers who telework, you are picking up valuable skills to emphasize in your KSAs or resume.  By teleworking, you are demonstrating your ability to work independently and your time management skills. 

Have you done any coworking, at Starbucks or elsewhere?

Posted by Judith Welles on Jun 04, 2008 at 12:13 PM


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