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Get a Life!: Where do employee suggestions go?

A suggestion
Whew, government has not yet refined the art of suggestion programs. Last week I blogged on the topic and asked how well suggestion programs are working.  

Based on comments, it seems that 1) if there are programs, suggestions may be falling into black holes because no one knows what happens to them; 2) if suggestions go to managers, who may claim them as their own and there is potential for abuse; 3) if suggestions go to a box, an employee may never hear about rewards (boxes are like black holes); 4) some agencies are wisely abandoning suggestion programs; 5) maybe we need some suggestions about effective ways to stimulate and reward suggestions. 
Any other suggestions?

Dog days
Maybe the dog days aren’t so bad after all.  As you may recall, the dog days are when, going back to the days of the Roman calendar, the “dog star” Sirius rises in the sky.  That star still rises and now the dog days are technically from early July to the end of August.

These are the months when it is usually blazing hot and, with people taking vacations,  time seems to slow down.  But this year the month of August seems busier than usual. That could be an illusion, but there are signs that people are staying busy.

Some workers, doing some belt-tightening in a slow economy, are taking shorter vacations or staying closer to home.  With gas prices high, there are fewer backups on highways, suggesting that fewer cars are on the road. More people are cramming into public transportation, again giving that feeling that this is a busy time.  

Symbolically on 08-08-08, the Olympics will start in China. And near the end of the month, on Aug. 25, Democrats will gather in Denver for their Presidential Convention. The Republicans follow a week later with their convention on Sept. 1 in Minneapolis.

At the same time, at the end of an administration, legislation is piling in the Congress.  Whether there will be action on some of the bills remains to be seen.  Now, if my two loving canines will pardon me, that’s dog days.  

Posted on Jul 22, 2008 at 12:13 PM


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