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Get a Life!: Beyond the news

Beyond the news that President-elect Obama had support from all sectors of the nation and the population, I came across it first-hand on my trip this week to Colorado and New Mexico. 

From several encounters, I learned that the reason that many working-class families, professional couples, and some Republicans in those western states voted for him was simple:  the economy. Their votes carried their belief and their hopes that he could do something about it, better than the current administration. They also admired the quality of campaign that he ran.    

With the election results known, there was a palpable excitement at the prospect of an Obama administration in Washington. News of the president-elect’s family checking out the White House on an initial visit had everyone glued to news reports at dinner time. 

Even at the airports, whenever a view of Obama appeared, people gathered near the television screen. On the plane, people sitting nearby wanted to talk about Obama.

Another general view emerged that whatever he did in office, it would be different – perhaps dramatically so – than anything we had seen before.  As one example, we know already from his campaign and from news reports that he will continue to make more use of Internet. 

What remains to be known is what impact all of this will have on federal agencies. What are your hopes for the changes an Obama administration will bring? Post a comment on this blog (registration required) or send an e-mail to and we will post it for you.

Posted by Judith Welles on Nov 12, 2008 at 12:13 PM


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