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Get a Life!: Sooner than later

It might be a quicker transition than those of the past and than many of us expected.  It may also come sooner, judging from the agency review teams already assembled by the Obama-Biden Transition Team. 

There are more than 140 people on the review teams. A number of them have been there, done that before. They were part of the Clinton administration. Some held very high-level positions, such as Jane Garvey, former administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, and Sally Katzen, former deputy director for management at the Office of Management Budget and previously administrator of OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

They know generally how government works from firsthand experience. Also, some of them have been nestled in lobbying firms or working for consulting firms. Still, most of them have worked with government agencies and pretty much know the scene. In fact, some might have even worked at one time on the briefing books that everyone is working so hard these days to compile.

Their job is to complete a thorough review of key departments, agencies and commissions to provide the president-elect, vice president-elect, and key advisers with information needed to make policy, budgetary and personnel decisions prior to the inauguration. Their review is also intended to ensure that senior appointees have the information necessary to complete the confirmation process and lead their departments.

President-elect Barack Obama may also be taking some notes from FDR. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known for quick, decisive action when he first took office as president to beat back the Great Depression and renew public confidence.The first 100 days of the Obama administration could be full of activity and so could federal agencies.

Has the transition come near you yet at your office?

Posted by Judith Welles on Nov 18, 2008 at 12:13 PM


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