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Get a Life!: Same old?

Even though President Barack Obama is hitting the ground running, change is not coming as quickly as you might have thought in many government agencies and programs. 

Not all Cabinet members have been confirmed, and political appointees are not all in place.  In fact, many offices are headless – and, as change in Washington often goes, it seems to be “same old, same old.”  

So what do you do while you wait for new leadership and possibly new direction?  

1. Declutter.  It may be a good time to reorganize work files, on your computer or in the cabinet, to clear out what is truly outdated and no longer needed.
2. Ignore rumors.  No use worrying about what change will bring because it may be awhile before it occurs. When there really is news, you’ll be told.
3. Stay in shape. Keep up your fitness routine or start doing it because exercise is a good way to stay healthy and alert. 
4. Keep doing your job. Even if it becomes routine, do your best at work, and use what may seem like downtime to consider ways to do it even better.
5. Use the time to network. Many groups have events coming up. Check out AFFIRM (link: )  and the Maryland and Virginia chapters of AFCEA.  Executive Women in Government (link: ) is providing an opportunity for “flash mentoring.” The mostly private-sector Association for IT Professionals ( is asking “Women in IT – Good for Business?” at its Feb. 12 meeting.

Meanwhile, be ready for more than new leaders. The federal government is among the largest employers still hiring, and applications from talented candidates for vacant positions are on the increase. 

What kind of change, if any, has come to your office with the new administration?

Posted by Judith Welles on Feb 09, 2009 at 12:12 PM


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