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So Federal Computer Week on Monday started somewhat regular appearances on Mark Bisnow's WMET 1160 AM morning radio program here in Washington, D.C. (Bisno in the morning?) These will be in addition to the radio spots that we do on WTOP radio, Washington's all news radio station. The WTOP spots are short 30-second bits that we record each Thursday for the following week. They are sponsored spots — WTOP sells the other 30-seconds and we provide the 30-seconds of content. It seems to have worked fairly well for everybody involved — at least we have been pleased with it. It gives us some visibility here in Washington that we wouldn't have otherwise. We always try to choose the WTOP spots somewhat carefully. They an't be too newsie given that they may not air for a week. There is nothing worse then saying something only to discover that it has been made irrelevant by events.

The WMET spots are different. The program is hosted by Bisnow, who is also a FCW columnist in our business section. And we can talk about... well, whatever. (Here is how Bisnow describes his show on his Web site: ""BISNOW LIVE!" A new morning drive radio show, 7-9AM every weekday, on WMET 1160, the only Fox affiliate and the only NBC affiliate in Washington radio! Interviews with the top personalities in business, politics, media, and entertainment. Plus, frequent weather with Al Roker, traffic with Beverly Farmer, NBC news at the top of the hour, and reports on Congress from Roll Call and on government IT from Federal Computer Week." Bisno is a good promoter! And somehow manages to write a FCW column, a Washington Business Journal column, run his Web site... and now do radio?) The WMET spots are live each morning at about 7:45.

Monday morning, I had expected we would talk about the RFID feature story in this week's issue — the second of a three part DOD series and an interesting piece about how the initial RFID hype has been tempered by reality. But it wasn't the way live radio went. I was calling in from Los Angeles, where I traveled for a quick weekend trek to see Cher's final final concert of her Farewell Tour — a tour that started three years ago. (I didn't even mention that the "original" Village People kicked off Cher's concert.) So we spent some time on that... and about FCW — Bisnow was kind enough to call us the Bible of government technology. Hmmm. And then I just mentioned last week's DOD feature piece on DOD's tsunami rescue efforts.

This morning, we got to talk RFID, but time sure flies on radio.

Not sure what we'll chat about on Wednesday yet.

OH! We will have links to the WMET bits on FCW.com's "On the radio" section.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on May 03, 2005 at 12:14 PM


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