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Web hits 04/04/05 - 05/08/05

What are you most interested in reading? Well, here is a look at FCW.com's Web hits... Karen Evans may believe that gender issues don't matter anymore in the world of IT executives, but FCW's readers seem to indicate otherwise: for April, the magazine story on women in IT was by far our most popular Web article, with 74 percent more visits than our number two piece, a Web story on DOD passing an RFID rule almost a year after it was promised. RFID also chimed in with the number seven spot, with the magazine feature that was part one of our three-part DOD series.

Other topics that were notable draws included irritated librarians; workforce issues; and items related to procurements or contracts.

And the list...

1. How women in IT make it to the top [Federal Computer Week, April 11, 2005]

2. Finally, a DOD rule on RFID [FCW.com, April 21, 2005]

3. Librarians face existential crisis [FCW.com, April 15, 2005]

4. Boeing gets JTRS notice [FCW.com, April 27, 2005]

5. Airport security enters new phase [FCW.com, April 25, 2005]

6. Fixing the retirement system [FCW.com, May 2, 2005]

7. RFID's positive identification [Federal Computer Week, April 18, 2005]

8. Traffic crushes fed Monster [FCW.com, April 20, 2005]

9. Feds get Smart with Oracle [FCW.com, April 26, 205]

10. Student tracker proposed [FCW.com, April 1, 2005]

11. Changes coming for Postal procurement [FCW.com, April 19, 2005]

12. Open wide: Linux's appeal grows as applications flourish [Federal Computer Week, April 4, 2005]

13. Librarians air frustrations [FCW.com, April 27, 2005]

14. Eagle has landed at Wright-Patterson [FCW.com, 4.25.2005]

15. Get ready for Firefox [Federal Computer Week, April 4, 2005]

16. CACI rides acquisitions, security higher [FCW.com, May 21, 2005]

17. Cooper joins Red Cross as CIO [FCW.com, April 28, 2005]

18. Carnegie Mellon: HealtheVet ailing [FCW.com, April 13, 2005]

19. Philly releases Wi-Fi RFP [FCW.com, April 8, 2005]

20. RFI released for cross-agency security [FCW.com, April 7, 2005]

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on May 10, 2005 at 12:14 PM


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