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Police podcasting

How cool is this? NYPD has a weekly podcast. [From Poynter's Al's Morning Meeting.]

Podcasting Police
I am not making this up. The NYPD now has a weekly podcast. Listen if you dare. This week, the podcast includes road closings and an interview with the city's new anti-graffiti czar. Just the thing to listen to on your commute or during your workout.

Tompkins points to this too:
Your DNA as Art
For $400 or so, you can turn your DNA into wall art. All you have to do is submit saliva, and DNA11.com turns it into a graphic art piece. Here is an FAQ. I predict this will show up in an upcoming "CSI" episode.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Sep 29, 2005 at 12:14 PM


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