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How do you know you matter?

Sure, we all Google ourselves, but today, if you really matter, you have a Wikepedia item about you. A case in point: the late Adm. Arthur Cebrowski.

A Web site that posts funeral information links to the WP obit. It also has some people's remembrances of Cebrowski.

As a student of the Naval Command and Staff course in Newport, RI in '99'-'00, I witnessed first-hand the value of true "vision" in VADM Cebrowski. His briefings were the buzz of the student body as he continually enticed us to think outside the box. The Navy and the country has lost a real visionary.
Mike Oehl (Oberammergau, Germany)


UPDATE from 11.17 at 10:32: Here is the WP obit. We'll have much more in Monday's issue. And, in what has been a great year for covers, if we do say so ourselves... but I really love the cover for the Nov. 21 issue.

I mentioned this previously, but we certainly welcome your remembrances... either here on the blog... or send your thoughts to me directly.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Nov 16, 2005 at 12:15 PM


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