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Google's dominance

Google had a rough day on Wall Street yesterday after the company's CFO said that growth would not be quite as brisk as it has been... which seems to be something from the department of obvious. But Google is interesting -- they are a public company that does not really like being public. They just don't like talking about... well, stuff, is the refrain I keep reading. Not an uncommon theme these days, I guess.

But the WSJ's AM e-newsletter notes that Google continues to be the most used search engine by far.

Google's search engine still dominates the landscape. Of the more than five billion online searches Americans conducted in December, 49% were entered on Google, a 6% increase from a year earlier, Wired reports, citing Nielsen/NetRatings. The company's closest competitors, Yahoo and MSN, captured 21% and 11%, respectively, of total search activity in December, down from 22% and 14%, respectively.

One other Google related item: This story from Wired about Shari Thurow, who goes at least one day a week without Googling at all. She said it is tougher then it sounds.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Mar 01, 2006 at 12:15 PM


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