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My favorite 'holiday party' invite so far...

There are a ton o' festivities over the next few weeks. I got my favorite invite so far this year from the good folks at PR firm 463 Communications.

December 13, 2006
XXXX in Washington, DC

I'll have a Blue (state) Christmas without you....

In honor of the departing Republican leadership, you are cordially invited to 463's 2006 Holiday Happy Hour on December 13 at 6:00 PM. On hand will be our special guests Sen. Bill Frist and Rep. Dennis Hastert, as well as incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi. OK, that's a lie, although they are more than welcome to attend. While they probably won't be there, we sure hope you will!

Join us as we drink grog, eat mutton, and otherwise be merry. It's the only part of the year that enables the breaking of bread between people of long-standing divisions (those for Net Neutrality, those against). Yes, we'll probably raffle off some "used-to-be-cool-but-now-everyone-has-one" electronic device, but it wouldn't be a 463 party without it. Or maybe we'll raffle off a veggie burger because it makes Alix Burns so happy. That's the point! Who knows what will happen at our party, that's why you can't miss it.

Who: 463 Communications and Friends

All the Best,
Tom, Jim, Sean, Rob, Amber, Josh, and Brendan

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Nov 29, 2006 at 12:15 PM


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