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BSA's policy goals for 2007

The Business Software Alliance has announced its policy goals for the coming year. We tend not to talk to BSA as much as we do other high-tech organizations because they don't always focus on the issues of this community as much. (And there are many high-tech groups out there. Yesterday, I was somewhat surprised to see that ITAA and NVTC have agreed to work together more closely. I'm not totally sure what that announcement means, to be honest.)

I have listed BSA's policy goals below. I think it is an interesting list. I have been particularly keen on the competitiveness issue, which I think is so important to the IT industry overall and, by extension, to the government IT community.

Patent Reform: BSA called on Congress to enact comprehensive patent reform legislation that seeks to improve patent quality and deter abuses of questionable patents through frivolous litigation. BSA also called for harmonizing the U.S. system with those of major patent-granting countries.

Copyright: BSA called on Congress to increase copyright enforcement by improving legal tools to pursue piracy. BSA also urged lawmakers to increase investigative resources and training for the FBI, as well as dedicating more resources to prosecute copyright violations.

Data Security: BSA urged policymakers to support effective data security legislation that establishes a consistent, technology neutral national legal standard on data breach notification and encourages market-based incentives. BSA also called for legislation that aids cyber crime deterrence and enforcement.

China: Following a promising Memorandum of Understanding where China committed to legalize software use by business enterprises, BSA called for a continued productive dialogue with China. BSA supports China's commitment to the crackdown of online copyright infringement and to strengthen enforcement of copyright protection. BSA also encouraged policymakers to pursue non-discriminatory procurement policies.

Trade: BSA strongly supports the renewal of Trade Promotion Authority for the President and the adoption of new free trade agreements. BSA also called for the reinvigoration of World Trade Organization talks since software and computer companies depend on free and open trade for their commercial viability.

Telecommunications: BSA called on Congress to keep the Internet a non-discriminatory avenue of opportunity for both individuals and businesses, maintaining its public nature.

Innovation & Competitiveness: BSA applauded the House Leadership Innovation Agenda and the Administration's American Competitiveness Initiative, calling for continued commitment to foster innovation through increased federal investment in basic research programs and permanent incentives for private sector investment in research and development. BSA also asked Congress to support a H1-B visa program that is more responsive to market needs.

BSA has more here.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Jan 17, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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