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GSA speaks about Networx

Last week, I chided GSA for failing to address the real questions about its Networx contract post-TCE. For the longest time -- more then two weeks -- GSA was directing calls about the issue to Treasury, for some reason. Well, this afternoon, they made John Johnson, assistant commissioner of GSA's Federal Acquisition Service, available for questions. And no, the Treasury deal is not for everybody, he said.

The agreement that the Treasury Department struck with the General Services Administration to cancel its Treasury Communications Enterprise procurement and use Networx instead is not likely to cause a wave of other agencies asking for similar special arrangements, said John Johnson, assistant commissioner of GSA's Federal Acquisition Service.

The content wasn't all that shocking. What is still shocking to me is why it took weeks to get somebody out there to talk about these issues. And GSA really didn't want to talk. GSA Administrator Lurita Doan this afternoon, at the press briefing 'officially' announcing that FirstGov is now USA.gov, literally brushed aside a reporter who sought to use the opportunity to ask about Networx. This session was for USA.gov, she said.

I have heard that Johnson wanted to get out there earlier, but that GSA officials determined that there was an agreement between GSA and Treasury determining that Treasury would comment on TCE issues. As I noted earlier, that is fine, but the questions now are not really TCE issues, they are Networx issues.

But... it is good to have them out there talking about the contract... and we can move on. (At least I didn't have a countdown clock for the number of days GSA remained silent on this issue.)

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Jan 18, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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