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Keepin' track of laptops

WTOP radio here in DC last week had a story about how many missing laptops there are actually out there these days. "Over the past five years, the United States Department of Defense has reported 60 laptop computers missing or stolen from their inventory," according to their report

Among the others:

* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: 319
* Department of Interior: 240
* Environmental Protection Agency: 60
* Department of Labor: 57
* National Institute of Standards and Technology: 35
* International Trade Administration: 30
* Department of Housing and Urban Development: 15
* U.S. Patent and Trademark: 9

Over five years, DOD has only lost 60 laptops? I can only imagine how many laptops DOD has, but...

Of course, the laptops aren't really the issue as much these days as the data that they hold. That is the story that FCW is an issue that we are going to follow aggressively. For example, in December, we looked at thumb drives. John Zyskowski did an excellent story that I highly recommend because nobody thinks that this issue is going away.

If you have interesting ways that you are dealing with increasingly mobile data, let us know.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Jan 16, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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