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The Treasury-GSA MOA leaks

Kudos to Mary Mosquera of our sister publication, Government Computer News, for getting her hands on the agreement between Treasury and GSA regarding Treasury's future telecom plans. That agreement resulted in Treasury canceling the controversial TCE contract.

The details are along the lines of what we had been hearing. Mosquera reports:

Among the provisions, GSA will share in costs due the bidders related to Treasury canceling the RFP, reduce by half Treasury's Networx service fee and give Treasury the ability to place orders under Networx within 30 days of the contract being awarded. GSA and Treasury signed the agreement on Dec. 20...

GSA will reduce Treasury's service fee to 50 percent of the current fee upon Treasury's transition to Networx, which is expected in the spring.

And Mosquera has this:

"It's a compromise end to a bad situation," said Bob Woods, president of Topside Consulting and a former commissioner of GSA's Federal Technology Service.

The agreement still raises the questions: Is Networx better off with Treasury or without it? There are still many questions.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Jan 12, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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