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Ah, budget season

Yes, it is budget season once again. You can read the Bush administration's proposed fiscal 2008 budget here.

Tuesday's version of Slate.com's Today's Papers caught the crux of the mainstream budget stories:

The Wall Street Journal tops its world-wide newsbox, and everyone else fronts, President Bush's $2.9 trillion budget, which is 4.2 percent larger than last year and immediately received criticism from Democrats, who say it focuses on the wrong priorities. The president says his plan will give the country a balanced budget in five years without the need for tax increases. But Democrats say the cost on domestic programs, including Medicare, is too high and accused the president of using rosy predictions to state that his plan could actually balance the budget.

FCW's ongoing coverage can be found here.

We, like many people, are still culling through the huge document.

OMB's Karen Evans met with industry yesterday morning. She told industry that the fiscal 2008 budget proposal seeks $65 billion in IT spending, a 2.6 percent increase over fiscal 2007. Of course, the document that tells us where that money is being spent -- the Report on Information Technology Spending for the Federal Government (Exhibit 53) -- won't be published until spring.

Evans is talking to reporters this morning, and we'll have a story posted soon thereafter on FCW.com, of course.

If you got to attend Evans briefing yesterday, let me know what you heard.... cdorobek at fcw.com.

Of course, the release of the budget is always interesting, but we always try to remind reporters that what really matters is what is approved. The administration gets to make a budget request. Congress controls the purse strings. So the precise numbers are interesting, but... what the budget does provide are insights about the administration's priorities.

If you have seen something interesting in the budget documents that we may have missed, let us know that too. It is a huge document and we try to get all the parts, but sometimes stuff slips through.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Feb 07, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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