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Perhaps FCWGCNWT.com?

FCW-GCN-WT...change is never easy. I keep saying it -- and it is as true here within our organization as with any other.

Want proof? The latest internal brouhaha is about e-mail addresses.

First, some background.

In the editorials for the most recent issues of FCW, GCN and WT, the respective editors of those publications wrote about the changes that are already going on at Federal Computer Week, Government Computer News, and Washington Technology as a result of our parent company's purchase of... well, all of them.

And we wanted to give our take -- the editor's perspective. As I have said -- and keep saying -- there are opportunities here.

But, as I noted in my editorial, change is never easy.


One change that you may have noticed is that our e-mails have changed. Yes, FCW.com e-mail addresses still work -- and they will continue to work. But if you get an e-mail from me, it comes from cdorobek at 1105govinfo.com, which stands for 1105 Government Information Group.

There has been much debate within the organization. Reporters have been the most unhappy with the change. That is largely because reporters tend to be associated with their publication.

Here is an e-mail message I got from longtime FCW reporter Bob Brewin:

Subject: Why 1105govinfo.com email "brand" is a bad idea

Folks –

1. People I have been dealing with [for] years as bbrewin@fcw.com think I have a new job – and assume it's some sort of PR firm or government research outfit.

2. People I am dealing with the first time want to know why they are receiving an email from 1105gov info guy when I told them on phone I worked for FCW or GHIT.

3. It's exhausting to explain the rebranding campaign to above folks – and they don't care anyways.

4. Most important – many folks (and me too) defeat spam by setting their email filters to accept mail only from trusted sources – and they have me as a trusted source as bbrewin@fcw.com , not bbrewin@1105govinfo.com, and hence god knows how many of my emails end up in a junk folder.

Now I think I will fire up an RJ Reynolds, hop into the rented GM and drive off to buy some Procter and Gamble soap and some Beatrice foods snacks.


Bob has more in Intercepts coming out in Monday's issue.

Frankly, I understand both sides of this story. For sales, marketing and events people, it makes perfect sense to have a common e-mail address. We are, after all, one organization now.

I also understand reporters need to associate the person with a publication. To be honest, I always thought it was a mistake for PostNewsweek Tech Media to change from the GCN.com e-mail addresses.

And...the 1105govinfo.com Web site doesn't even exist yet.

Yet I understand why we are doing it...

Ah, change is never easy.

I've always thought it was important to choose your battles...

So, if you get an e-mail from cdorobek at 1105govinfo.com, it's me -- not spam!

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Feb 22, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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